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Quick Grow amino capsules

Quick Grow advanced amino capsules

  • R 30000

Quick Grow Advanced Amino Capsules 60

Quick Grow Advanced Amino Capsules are a fast acting proprietary blend of amino, vitamin and minerals designed to nourish the hair for longer more beautiful hair.

Essential Ingredients:

  • Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) - may help strengthen hair and nails, improves the overall sheen and texture of it as well. Contains elements essential for proper growth of your hair,
  • Minofolex-HG - a proprietary blend of amino that may assist optimise the quality of hair and skin,
  • Folic Acid - plays a vital part in hair growth, and it assists in the renewal of cells that aid hair growth. Folic acid deficiency has been shown to lead to premature greying and hair loss.
  • Grape seed extract - a strong antioxidant.

60 Capsules (1 Months supply)

Use: Take two tablets daily with meal

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